Veterans Day message

James Smith with members of Team Viper on Election Night.

November 11, 2018
Press Contact: Brad Warthen, 803-315-1886

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Today, Rep. James Smith issued the following statement:

Exactly 100 years ago today, the ‘War to End War’ ended. Obviously, that conflict – the bloodiest in history up to that time – was not, as hoped, the last war.

Too many times since, Americans have had to take up arms to preserve not only our own freedom, but that of oppressed people around the world. For that reason, it is fitting that the name of this observance has changed from Armistice Day – marking the end of one conflict – to Veterans Day, in gratitude for the service of all who have fought for this country.

Last week, we had an election, and it did not turn out as I and many others had hoped. But we can celebrate the fact that we were able to have a free election at all, which would not be possible without the sacrifice of millions of veterans throughout our history.

On Election Day, I was privileged to have by my side a group of men who served with me in Afghanistan. They had come in hope of sharing a triumph, but they still stood by me and supported me in defeat. I am glad that they were with me. I thank them for that. And I thank them for their service. And I thank all who have worn this country’s uniform, in service to us all.

There will be more wars, and there will be triumphs, and sometimes defeats. But the Americans who step up and offer their service will always have our backs – just as they always have in the past. They will never let us down.

And I thank God for that, and for this magnificent country that they serve.


Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell added the following:

Like most Americans, today I stand in awe all of those who have served – such as my own father, who served in the Navy, and James Smith, who relinquished his commission in the JAG Corps to enlist and fight the Taliban.

Without their willingness to sacrifice, we would have none of the blessings we enjoy as the freest nation in the world. We should all take a moment today, or more than a moment, to remind ourselves of that, and express our thanks in person to a veteran.