Smith wins second debate in Greenville. And if there were more, he’d win those, too

October 25, 2018
Press Contact: Brad Warthen, 803-315-1886

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Tonight, James Smith has a lot in common with the Boston Red Sox. They’ve taken the first two games of the World Series, and James just won his second of two debates.

Too bad politics isn’t more like baseball, though. Then we’d have more games coming up. And maybe then, we’d get answers to some questions that Henry McMaster has never answered. For instance:

  • Why does he even want to be governor? He has no particular plans for our state. In fact, he seldom talks about what South Carolina needs. He seems to think things are fine, even though we’re last on the lists we want to be first on, and first on the lists we’d rather be last on. As James said, employing another sports metaphor: “If South Carolina were a football team and you were our head coach, you’d be fired.”
  • What is he for? We know what he’s against because he goes on and on about it. What is he in favor of?
  • Does he know he’s in South Carolina? We ask that because he talks so much about national wedge issues, and it seems that he thinks he’s in Washington, playing the usual partisan inside-the-beltway games.

There’s not much time left to get answers to these questions.

Meanwhile, there’s no such mystery when it comes to James Smith. He was as forthcoming in this debate as in the previous one – as he has been throughout this campaign – about what sort of man he is and what he would do as governor. On the stage here in Greenville, voters saw someone who:

  • Is all about service – to his country and to South Carolina. He’ll do the job. Henry just wants to keep the job.
  • Will expand access to healthcare, and boost our economy, by finally taking the federal funds that we’ve already paid for with our taxes.
  • Will see to it that ALL children have a chance at a good education, not just those in the wealthiest suburbs. And he’ll raise teacher pay to a level that shows proper appreciation for the job they do – without raising taxes.
  • Will be the governor for everybody, not just those who vote for him or agree with him about everything. As he learned in the military and says all the time, he’ll leave no one behind.

That last quality – his desire to serve all South Carolinians, not just people who subscribe to a particular ideology – may be the one thing that most separates him from his opponent.

We hope you could see that on that stage tonight. We certainly could.