Of course Mandy won her debate; let’s talk about the reasons why

October 29, 2018
Press Contact: Brad Warthen, 803-315-1886

COLUMBIA, S.C. – There was never any question who would win the debate tonight between the nominees for lieutenant governor. It was always going to be Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell.

That’s because she possesses those old-fashioned characteristics that are just as critically important today as they have ever been: actual qualifications.

Qualifications – experience in public office, understanding of the issues, professional experience that is relevant to the office being sought – are unfashionable right now among the crowd Henry McMaster has chosen to run with. The less you know, and the less experience you have to show, the better in the minds of these folks.

So he chose Pam Evette to be his running mate. In doing so, he did her and the people of South Carolina no favors.

As we saw tonight.

Ms. Evette’s main selling point, in her own mind, is that she would bring “fresh eyes” to the State House. Which is an interesting euphemism for not having a clue what’s going on.

As Mandy expressed in no uncertain terms, experience matters. Would you hire a mechanic who’s never looked under the hood of a car?

More than that, it matters that voters have had the opportunity to see Rep. Norrell perform in public office, and pass judgment on that performance. Ms. Evette calls herself a “Trump girl.” Well, Mandy represents a district that voted for President Trump, and her constituents are so pleased with the job she’s done that she had no opponents, in either party, for her House seat this year.

In the second gubernatorial debate last week, asked why he chose Ms. Evette to be his running mate, McMaster said, “She is a mother, a businesswoman and uh, is a great person.”

You know what? Those are fine things to be, and as it happens, Mandy Powers Norrell is also all of those things. But she’s more than that, and the “more” is what is relevant to the question of which of these women should be our lieutenant governor.