Early voting started Monday, so you have no excuse not to get out and do your civic duty

October 9, 2018
Press Contact: Brad Warthen, 803-315-1886

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Did you vote yesterday? If not, why not?

Monday was the first day of early voting, and lots of our supporters went ahead and got their civic duty done. Good for them! And good for you if you follow suit.

Maybe you prefer to vote on Election Day itself, Nov. 6. But if that doesn’t work for you, because of travel or work or age or disability or any one of 16 different legitimate reasons – which you can find here – you not only can but should head down to your county Board of Voter Registration & Elections office. Find the location of your local office at this link.

It’s called “absentee” voting, but it isn’t just for people who’ll be out of town any more. Just about anyone who would find voting on Nov. 6 inconvenient is covered by one of the 16 legitimate reasons to get an absentee ballot.

You can also get an absentee ballot by mail or online, but that’s a little more complicated. That information is also available at this link. If you can make it down to your county Board of Voter Registration & Elections office, however, you’ll find the process easier and much quicker.

You say you haven’t registered to vote yet? Well, you’ve got until the 17th to do that, also at your county voter registration office.

So basically, you’ve got no excuse. Get out and vote. Starting NOW.

And check out James’ and Mandy’s video on the subject.

Again, those links:

· Information about absentee voting:
· Location of your county voting office: