A challenge for tonight’s debate: What are you FOR, Henry?

October 25, 2018
Press Contact: Brad Warthen, 803-315-1886

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Henry McMaster is on the attack again, reciting the things he’s against, and claiming – often with no basis – that James Smith is for them.

For instance, in tonight’s debate in Greenville, he’ll say he’s against tax increases and James is for them – even though James hasn’t proposed any tax increases. That’s OK. James has been shot at before – for real. He can take it.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if tonight, McMaster would tell us what he’s FOR, and how he intends to bring it about?

Just to show him how it’s done, here are some of the things James and Mandy Powers Norrell are for –just a few examples of what their positive vision for South Carolina’s future looks like:

Educational opportunity for all. First, they’ll raise teacher pay to above the Southeastern average – which can be done without a tax increase. They’ll work to transform the Corridor of Shame into the Corridor of Opportunity, so that even children in our poorest districts will have a shot at a bright future.

Expanding medical coverage. They will immediately accept the federal funds – OUR tax dollars – that would extend healthcare to 150,000 without it, bring more than a billion a year into our economy, and create more than 40,000 new jobs.

Clean, less expensive energy. They’ll free us from the bullying greed of the big utilities, starting by lifting the cap on solar energy. Right away, that would save 3,000 good jobs, and help lower power bills.

Creating new jobs, and protecting the ones we have. We have one of the lowest workforce-participation rates in the nation, in part because not enough of our citizens have the skills for the new economy. James and Mandy would address that. And they’d stand up against the tariffs threatening thousands of the best jobs we already have.

Good, safe roads. McMaster vetoed the Republican leadership’s plan for fixing our crumbling roads. James and Mandy joined their Republican and Democratic colleagues in overriding that veto, and they’d continue to work hard to improve our state’s infrastructure.

Uniting the people of South Carolina. If you want to know something James and Mandy are against, it’s the bitter partisanship that drives people apart in our state and nation. Henry McMaster is all about exploiting and deepening those divisions. James and Mandy will do what they’ve done their entire public careers – work with people from across the political spectrum on the issues that matter to us all.

So those are some of the things James and Mandy are for. What is Henry for? Perhaps we’ll learn tonight.