Replacing a Culture of Corruption with a Culture of Service

Fighting the Culture of Corruption:

James is no newcomer to transparency and accountability in government. In the Legislature, he earned bipartisan respect as a champion of ethics reform by partnering with Republican and Democratic legislators in 2012 to introduce the “21st Century Government and Ethics Reform Act of 2012.” The bill was ahead of its time, but is now needed more than ever.

Ending Partisan Gerrymandering:

As governor, James will make it a priority to pass comprehensive, meaningful ethics reform and restore trust in government. He will reform the redistricting process, raise the bar on transparency, and abolish the self-policing legislative ethics committees.

Keeping Our Legislators Accountable:

The legislature should not operate like an exclusive club that addresses members’ conduct outside of public scrutiny. Accountability and transparency demand a fully independent ethics panel to investigate complaints against members of the legislature.