Access to Affordable Healthcare

Expanding Medicaid:

On the first day of the job as your Governor, with the stroke of his pen James will expand Medicaid and deliver healthcare to over 150,000 South Carolinians who are being denied access to health care simply because they live in the Palmetto State.

By not accepting Medicaid expansion, Henry McMaster is sending our tax dollars to other states while our own citizens are using emergency rooms for their own healthcare needs. We need to expand coverage to increase access to high quality, affordable healthcare and keep our hard-earned tax money at home.

Helping those with Disabilities:

Thousands of South Carolina families impacted by autism are waiting to access life-changing therapies for their children. As Governor, James will increase Medicaid reimbursement rates so thousands more families can access critical ABA therapy.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic:

Heroin and opioid pain reliever overdoses in South Carolina outnumbered homicides in 2016. Addiction is a disease and we must support South Carolinians in recovery as we tackle the roots of this public health crisis. As Governor, James will make special resources and authorities available to address the opioid crisis. This includes improving access to treatment and recovery resources, promoting non-opioid treatment options and use of overdose-reversing drugs, and supporting law enforcement officers as they encounter the effects of addiction in the field.

Women’s Health:

11 of the 46 counties in South Carolina have no OBGYN. We need to address the rural physician crisis. As Governor, James will work with our medical universities to create a rural obstetrics and gynecology residency program. In addition, he will work with providers and stakeholders statewide to increase the availability of telemedicine to allow for a more efficient, timely, and affordable delivery of healthcare services.