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James stands for a culture of service.

James has served his country and community his entire life, continuing a commitment to military service that has been in his family dating back to the Revolutionary War. He served for eight years as a JAG officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard, but then, during a 2001 visit to Ground Zero in New York City, he felt a calling. He resigned his commission and enlisted as an infantryman, beginning basic training at age 37. As a part of Operation Enduring Freedom, James fought the Taliban head-on and received the Bronze Star, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and the Purple Heart.

As a legislator, James knows that South Carolina needs leaders like him, who care more about doing the job than keeping the job. He’s been a tireless advocate on a variety of issues, including education, support for our veterans and active military families, and economic development across the state. And he’s earned the respect of both sides of the aisle, establishing a solid reputation as someone who gets things done for South Carolinians.

Even Republicans know: James is ready to win

If it’s a good idea, James knows that it doesn’t matter who proposed it – Democrat or Republican. If it can make life better for South Carolinians, then it should happen. He’s worked hard to build bi-partisan coalitions in the state house, and with the help of colleagues on both sides of the aisle, James has been able to get major legislation passed in Columbia.

James knows how to get things done for South Carolina. That’s why when James first announced his candidacy, even a Republican political consultant said James is “a very good choice” for Governor. Republicans across the state know that James is the right person to lead South Carolina. 

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James's vision for South Carolina

James has been crisscrossing the state sharing his vision for South Carolina with as many people as he can. Everywhere he goes, he meets South Carolinians who are ready for change. They know it’s time to rid Columbia of the culture of corruption that’s holding us back and to reject divisive politics that only serve to separate us. Instead, he wants to bring the best ideas together to solve problems for everyone in our state. There are more issues that unite us than divide us and we can accomplish more if we focus on those.

James sees the potential in our state. He knows that we can create an economy that works for all of us, because when too many hard-working South Carolinians are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, it’s time for change. There are well-paying jobs available today that would strengthen and grow our state and offer economic opportunity. Connecting those jobs with the people who need them will be James’s priority as Governor.

James wants a healthcare system that serves everyone. Right now, hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians eligible for Medicaid don’t have healthcare coverage because our state chose not to accept Medicaid expansion. Those federal dollars are going to other states when they could be coming here. We can provide healthcare coverage for them and do it without raising a penny in taxes.

James wants to raise the bar for public education in our state. He wants to reach equitable funding across South Carolina and to reform our system with modernization and innovation. We need to elevate the status, role and importance of teachers, to deliver resources directly to the classroom, and to reduce administrative costs.

James will fight for an energy future that protects ratepayers and makes sure a colossal failure like the VC Summer plant never happens again. As Governor, he will restore accountability to the system by elevating the energy office to a cabinet level position reporting directly to the Governor, do more to ensure competitive rates, which are essential to a strong economy, increase transparency so you know what you are paying for, expand access to alternative energy sources like solar power, and end political contributions from regulated utilities to state elected officials.

James believes that in South Carolina, we are all God’s children and that our state should be a place where the rights and dignity of every human are respected. Just one example of where we need to do better: South Carolina was recently ranked 47th in the nation in terms of women’s equality. That does not reflect our values as South Carolinians. We’ll insist on equal pay for equal work and move women’s equality forward


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