We’ll be blunt: The people of South Carolina aren’t getting what they deserve.

Health care only for the lucky. Schools that teach the bare minimum. An energy policy that cheats ratepayers. And a culture of corruption in Columbia that’s gone unchecked.

It’s time to change things. It’s time to elect James Smith. Can you pitch in?

James doesn’t just talk the talk about duty and service -- he’s walked the walk all his life. Serving in combat. Fighting for us in the state legislature. And now, running for governor because the people of this state deserve a leader who will look out for all of us.

And frankly, we’re not getting that from Governor McMaster, who’s turned a blind eye to the corruption at the statehouse -- and in South Carolina’s energy companies -- for far too long.

McMaster and his allies are betting that you won’t step up. In fact, he’s counting on that so he can keep getting away with the status quo.

But we’re willing to bet that you’re going to prove him wrong. You’re going to show the old guard that it’s time for new leadership in Columbia.

Will you chip in to our end-of-month goal to help James bring his vision and record of service to the governor’s office?

-- Team Smith

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