South Carolina needs a leader

James Smith isn’t running for governor so he can start working for the people of South Carolina. He’s running so he can keep working, because he knows that as governor, he can do more. Throughout his career as a legislator, National Guard officer, and combat veteran, he has become well known for his integrity and leadership. And now, more than ever, it’s time for leaders who will put serving the public ahead of personal gain.

As James says, “Leadership, in its most fundamental sense, is devotion. It is love, it is commitment, it is beyond yourself.” He will fight to expand access to affordable health care, support modernization and innovation in schools, and protect our tourism economy and beautiful coast from offshore drilling. His focus has been and always will be on doing what is in the best interests of the people of South Carolina.

Add your name to join James’s campaign and help lead South Carolina to a better future.