We Remember and Give Thanks to Our Veterans

November 11, 2015

Dear Friend,

We set aside today to remember our heroes, honor their achievements, their courage, and their dedication. But, we owe our appreciation to our veterans everyday for their service and sacrifice to this great nation.

Service before self. These three words define all those that have worn the uniform of our great nation. Our veterans have gone above and beyond the call of duty volunteering their lives and livelihoods to give us freedom, security, and the greatest nation on earth. It is impossible to put a price on that. 

In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower signed a bill officially proclaiming November 11th, Veteran's Day. He said " is well for us to pause, to acknowledge our debt to those who paid so large a share of freedom's price. As we stand here in grateful remembrance of the veterans' contributions we renew our conviction of individual responsibility to live in ways that support the eternal truths upon which our Nation is founded, and from which flows all its strength and all its greatness."

On this special day dedicated to recognition, remembrance, and appreciation of those who made it possible for us to live free, please join me in thanking all our veterans for their sacrifice and service to the greatest country on earth!


Rep. James Smith
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