Proposed Bill Would Protect Service Members' Education

February 13, 2012

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A new bill could protect the education of men and women who fight for our state and country.

Richland County Representative James Smith says service members contacted him after fearing they would lose scholarships, or be forced to drop courses as a result of honoring military duties.

The legislation would require schools of higher education to allow student participating in military service, duty training or disaster relief efforts to make up tests and complete work they miss during that time.

"In every case once we intervened and we made an effort to work things out, it got worked out but what was clear, is there was a lack of guidance, a lack of guidance within the policy, within the law. And so all we're doing is making it easier for students to have the ability to serve their state, server their nation, and also get an education," said Smith, a Richland County Democrat.

The bill has already cleared a house subcommittee.

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