From continuously listening to the people of District 72, James Smith has developed sensible approaches to meet their concerns. He will continue to work with both political parties to move South Carolina forward.

Education:  The father of four, James knows a quality education is essential for our children and their future.  He supports full day kindergarten, is committed to protecting the Education Improvement Act, and wants all our children to have a high quality education.  He is a strong advocate for our state’s colleges and universities where excellence in teaching and research will enable us to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Environment:  A strong advocate for environmental conservation, James is dedicated to protecting our state’s precious natural resources to help promote economic growth and as a legacy for future generations.

Crime:  James supports a strong criminal justice system that helps stop crime before it starts, and gives law-abiding citizens the sense of safety and security that they deserve.

Taxes:  James believes that our government must do better in controlling spending.  He believes we must explore all options to provide an equitable tax structure so everyone shares in the advancement of South Carolina.

Government Reform:  James understands that South Carolina wants a government and a political system that is more open and accountable.  He will work for sensible reforms so the public can trust in our public institutions.

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